Rand Paul: Obama’s Actions in Syria Are Unconstitutional

Unconstitutional is an understatement… to date no one has addressed the fact that this administration/govt sent weapons to Syrian “rebels” who are enemies to the US. So what? In a sane world people would be locked up for treason, but that wont happen with this Congress. No no instead Congress stands idly by as obama bypasses them and commits 50 special forces operators to fight in Syria after he said 15 times he wouldn’t put boots on the ground.

So Sen Paul what are you going to do about what obama is doing now? More talk of his lawlessness and violations of the Constitution isn’t getting this country anywhere. You want to reach the dems show them how his decisions put them and their families in danger maybe that will snap a few out of the partisanship.

Messaging has to change the finger pointing is useless at this point.