Dem Rep Conyers: Illegal Aliens ‘Are Not Engaging in an Illegal Act’

If one is not born in the US and a citizen of another country they are an alien. If said alien enters the US illegally by crossing border in middle of the night, being smuggled, obtaining fraudulent/forged documents etc or in other words doing everything possible to avoid border agents, TSA, customs etc they are illegal aliens.

Rep Conyers the only reason mothers and children are seeking “asylum” in the US is because the progressives in power, from obama to you, have wrung the amnesty bell making it clear food, shelter, education, medical care etc is free in the US to illegal aliens at the expense of taxpayers.

America I WARNED YOU this excuse that illegal aliens would be deemed “asylum seekers” would be used. NO ONE LISTENED. There are unconfirmed reports illegal aliens are being told to say they’re seeking asylum because of the lax border enforcement policies. So are we ready to get back to talking about the real issues plaguing this country or does everyone want to fight over who said what over a tweet? This country is in real trouble and thanks to one candidate we aren’t talking about the issues instead he is single handily dividing the republican party over childish antics.