Trump Owns Heckler Claiming Illegal Aliens Are the Backbone of the US

As one would expect at a Trump rally some radical, open border, amnesty for all, leftist infiltrator interrupted claiming illegal aliens are the backbone of the US! Seriously? How is that when illegals are siphoning off of govt programs they didn’t pay into which was established to help down and out Americans who did pay into them? How are illegals the backbone of the country when they REFUSE to assimilate? Surely one doesn’t consider an illegal alien here who “does the job Americans don’t want”, which is LIE, the backbone of America because they are in fact TAKING JOBS from Americans!?

Like him or hate him Trump is right hardworking legal immigrants (like my family that came here in early and mid 20th century from Italy) are the backbone of this country. Those who come here by the book are not the types who seek out free stuff, they actually contribute to our society, economy and by assimilating our culture!