Muslim Migrants in UK “This is Our Country Now, GET OUT!”

Our friends in the UK are being overrun by “immigrants” from the middle east no thanks to poor leadership that has gotten so bad the immigrants are fearless saying it’s their “country now, GET OUT!”

Europe as we know it all but over. If you’re planning a trip to see the Old Country I suggest you do it now or ASAP because things will only get worse. The culture is being destroyed as Europe is infiltrated… infested with these people who couldn’t careless about anything or anyone but themselves. Soon works of art (paintings, sculptures) will be removed because they’ll be deemed offensive to the new residents from the UK to Italy and Greece.

How long does America have until we start seeing this type of activity in our towns and cities? The obama regime is as adamant bringing in 10’s of thousands of Syrian refugees regardless that we the people are against it. The fact ISIS has made it clear they will infiltrate refugees to get into Europe and America is being ignored. Keep in mind 13% of Syrian refugees polled have a positive view on ISIS! If just 4% of the most extreme get through of the proposed 85,000++ obama wants to bring to the US, that means 136 hardcore ISIS supporters/fighters would be on US soil. We’ve seen what 19 can do in NYC and DC, the capabilities of 7 in Paris and 2 in San Bernardino imagine what 136 could do!

We need new leadership across the board in DC or the military must step in to protect the homeland as those delegated to protect us are failing miserably.

ht JihadWatch