Evidence Mounts That Trump is Deceiving His Supporters

Yesterday was a bad day for the Trump camp. The truth is coming out whether Trump supporters like it or not that this man is not who he says he is. Donald is on record with the Today Show that he is in favor of liberal policies to tax the rich, he has no problem with grown men, with identity issues, using the same restroom as women and little girls, and that he wants to change the GOP’s platform on abortion.

Are these missteps accidental from lack of experience or planned in order to fool voters?

In this clip you can clearly hear his campaign manager Paul Manafort stating Trump “has been “projecting an image” so far in the 2016 primary season and “the part that he’s been playing is now evolving””.

Trump is “playing a part” and “evolving” into the centrist democrat we all have known him to be that his pals over at MSNBC have known all along!

You should also know Manafort lobbied for Pakistani spy front, worked closely with Trump operative Roger Stone and John Kasich’s campaign manager Charlie Black.

A Political Power Broker
Special to The New York Times
Published: June 21, 1989
WASHINGTON, June 20— Black, Manafort, Stone & Kelly was one of the first political consulting concerns to work for Ronald Reagan’s Presidential candidacy in 1980. Since then it has become a power broker that thrives on a hardball approach.

Since 1980, when it was formed to consult conservative Republicans, Black, Manafort has hired some Democrats to broaden its influence and has branched out into lobbying. Its client list includes the Government of Somalia, the Tobacco Institute, Aetna Life & Casualty, Bethlehem Steel, the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration, Trans World Airlines and the Chicago Regional Transit Authority.

The principals in the concern, Charles R. Black Jr., Paul J. Manafort, Roger J. Stone and Peter G. Kelly, were key strategists in President Bush’s campaign last year…

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Does anyone see a conflict of interest here with Manafort and Black? Do not be surprised if Trump names Kasich his VP pick.

Trump supporters how much more proof do you need to see that this man is not who he says he is? He flip-flops at will on almost every issue that you make excuses for! The theory Trump is a Trojan Horse to destroy whats left of the GOP, throw this entire election into chaos and hand Hillary Clinton the election is becoming harder for devout Trump supporters to dismiss. Even Ann Coulter is showing clear signs of buyers remorse!

In 2008 I was issuing the same warning about obama and NO ONE listened, do you really want to make the same mistake again?!