Trump is in Favor of Raising Taxes on the Rich

Raising taxes on the rich (job creators) is the quintessential talking point of liberals. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been adamant about raising taxes on the rich, making the 1% pay their fair share regardless of the repercussions. When Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie asked Donald Trump (self-avowed Conservative) if taxes should be raised on the rich he joined Clinton and Sanders saying
“I do, I do.. including myself”.

Trump supporters help those of us not in your camp out. When did raising taxes on the rich become a conservative value? You said he is the one, that he is a true conservative. Please explain the economics behind taxing the rich who are already getting hammered as it is? Taxes is one of the key issues that has hurt the US economy. Rich people own the business that provide jobs for Americans, when taxes are raised prices go up, hours and staff are cut.

How will Trump agreeing to raise taxes on the rich help the US economy and the 100 million Americans out of work out?