Trump is Okay With Transgenders Using Any Bathroom They Want

Sorry Donald TRUE CONSERVATIVES (which you claim to be) DO NOT think it’s okay for men to use women’s bathrooms and women to use men’s. ONLY PROGRESSIVES think this is okay to leave things “the way it is”!

Anyone who thinks sexual predators and deviants will not take advantage of the lefts demands for men’s and women’s bathrooms to be open to transgenders is insanely naive.

It’s one thing when someone is actually living their life as the sex the believe they were meant to be, as in the case of Caitlyn Jenner. But we have people who ID as “fluid-gender” and what have you that are a problem. This is not about hating gays, being a homophobe or a bigot, it has to do with safety of women and children especially LITTLE GIRLS!

Frankly I don’t want a guy who ID’s as a woman but is not living as a woman using a women’s public restroom regardless of what he thinks he is today when any female in my family is using it. Men out there, especially those who back Trump, can you honestly say you’re okay if some guy says he ID’s as a woman but doesn’t live it and uses the same public bathroom your wife or daughter are in?

Trump says there hasn’t been any problems in past, well that’s because there was lid on this, but political correctness has gained more ground. PC police are constantly getting their way putting the needs of the few or the one ahead of the needs of the many. The rights of the masses no longer matters anymore because the moment you speak up or pass a law like in North Carolina the vicious attacks begin… in typical Alinsky form!

This country has gone fully insane, proving again obama’s promise to fundamental transformation is almost complete. Like Michelle said we will have to make sacrifices, change our history and tradition…

Well here you go America and Donald Trump is PROVING the liberal many of us know him to be. Trump supporters please wake up, you’re being fooled just like obama supporters.