Kasich: If Trump or Cruz Get Nomination, We’ll Get Creamed

John Kasich remains in this race solely to sabotage the results, taking votes away from the only two people (Trump and Cruz) who should be in this race since late 2015. Let me add Marco Rubio also contributed to this mess of a nasty primary fight being as stubborn as Kasich and staying in for as long as he did.

Cruz is correct no one will get to 1237 before July and we can only hope this race goes to a contested NOT brokered convention. If it goes contested Trump and Cruz have a fair shot, but Kasich and the progressive GOPe WANT a brokered convention (he said it will be fun) so they can pick their own candidate. He will most likely be a VP pick for whomever the GOPe selects over the will of voters.

As I’ve said repeatedly, if Ted Cruz or Donald Trump does not walk out of that convention the GOP nominee an ass-kicking in Nov will be the least of the party’s worries. Cleveland will fall into chaos and we will not see a repeat of 1968 but it will be 2 0 1 6 (understand?)!

Look at it this way though, you’re witnessing history and the end of the GOP regardless of what happens!