ICE Official: Nations Refuse to Take Back Criminal Aliens Who Are Safety Threat

The Exec Assoc Dir of ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations spoke to Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on obama’s immigration policies. In answering Sen Sessions question Thomas Homan said,
“Criminal aliens we can’t repatriate cause we don’t have cooperation of their governments are.. they’re a threat to community safety and frankly they’re a threat to my law enforcement officers..”

Just listening to this and the bureaucracy in place dealing with aliens is infuriating. The visa program needs to be halted, all aliens legal and illegal need to be accounted for and dealt with… but I guess that’s racist and bigoted to suggest. This immigration mess we’re in is because this govt has gotten far too big, entirely to lenient and frankly incompetent. If the laws already on the books were enforced we wouldn’t have these problems nor would we have to deal with nations who refuse to take their criminals back!