Ted Cruz Open to Restarting Presidential Campaign If Path to Victory Emerged

Ted Cruz called into Glenn Beck show today on his way back to DC and said he is open to “respond accordingly” [restart his campaign] if a path to victory emerged.

“Listen let’s be very clear if there is a path to victory.. we launched this campaign intending to win. The reason we suspended the race last week is with the Indiana loss I didn’t see a viable path to victory. If that changes we will certainly respond accordingly”

Since Cruz only suspended his campaign those primary states who remain in play you still have the opportunity to change the course of this election. With Trump coming out and changing his position on many issues after Cruz suspended you would not be wrong voting for the Senator. To refresh voters memories, and to name just a few position flip-flops, Trump has trashed his own tax plan, said he is open to increasing federal minimum wage, is in favor of single payer healthcare, is not self-funding and hired a Goldman Sachs executive with ties to Soros.

For the record the GOP rules still stand and none of the candidates have reached 1237 delegates. 1100, 1208, 1236 delegates doesn’t equal 1237 to secure the nomination, so while beyond long-shot a contested convention is still a possibility.

In response to Cruz’s comments on letting down the grassroots and American voters no you didn’t Senator. You did not let the people down, the uninformed class acting out of anger and rage backing Trump, just as they did obama, have let this country down.