State Dept Official: We’re Going to Bring in 10,000 Syrian Refugees This Year (Watch)

img United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

“We’re going to bring in 10,000 this year,” Anne Richard, assistant secretary for the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration at the State Department ~CNS

While it sounds like an honorable task to resettle those Syrian refugees displaced by war to bring in 10,000 is beyond dangerous. This administration has demonstrated repeatedly it is completely incompetent when it comes to vetting immigrants who “go by the book”. The Tsarnaevs (Boston Bombers) are one good example and more recently the San Bernardino terrorists are another. How in God’s name does this admin plan to vet 10,000 when there is nothing, no database to check with? Let me say that again there is no database, no files no records to crosscheck not to mention Syria in in full civil war so it’s not like there is someone in Damascus waiting to hear from the State Dept on so and so!

The other major problem as pointed out on STR is a poll taken among Syrian refugees where 13% approve of ISIS! Crunching the numbers on the 85K this govt wants to bring in 136 outright terrorists would be walked right into the US! We saw what 2 can do in Boston and San Bernardino, not to mention other locations, imagine the carnage from 136!

Sorry but the American people don’t want them here, the only exception would be for the Syrian Christians being hunted down and exterminated but they would have to be checked out extensively. Let the Arab nations deal with these refugees this is… should be their problem not Americas (nor Europe)!