Wasserman Schultz Claims Hillary Clinton is the Most Admired Woman in the World

“Hillary Clinton is the most admired and respected woman in the entire world. There’s a reason for that, and it’s because she has spent her entire life standing up for the values that we as Americans embrace, and that are the reasons we make a choice in our president.”

“Most admired” says who Debbie? What has Hillary done to make her so wonderful and respected? She stand for nothing that the American people stand for.

The failed reset with Russia do it or was setting the stage for the destabilization of the middle east and rise of ISIS that put her over the top? Oh wait was it the side deals she did as Sec of State to benefit and enrich herself and Bill’s foundation or how she demonstrated she can do whatever the hell she wants with her own email server breaking federal law jeopardizing national security?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz epitomizes the typical progressive voter who ignores atrocities, crime and corruption tied to a candidate because of what she has between her legs is all that democrat voters care about. They just want to be the party that put the first “black” and female president into the White House regardless of the consequences.