Bill Clinton Wants to Bring Syrian Refugees to Detroit

Plenty of housing and apparently jobs in Detroit that Billy thinks bringing refugees, that this govt is incapable of properly vetting, is a great idea! Curious Billy who is going to pay to resettle the refugees and rehab the 10,000 homes since Detroit is broke (no thanks to democrats who ran it like yourself)? Rehabbing 10,000 homes will not create enough jobs to permanently sustain 40-50,000 people (avg family size of 4), so where is the money coming from? Clinton Foundation?!

No doubt Hillary as POTUS will bring more refugees to the US to dwarf obama’s pledge of 85,000. Progressives would willfully turn Detroit into an islamic state regardless of the implications and that 4% of Syrian refugees polled have a positive view of ISIS.

This is a terrible idea, these people do not belong here as our cultures clash. They are better suited to be resettled in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar etc. This is an arab problem not an American problem, let the arab nations deal with these displaced muslims.