4% of Syrian Refugees Polled Have Positive View of ISIS as WH Announces 10,000th Refugee Arrives in America

The media as a whole are doing one story after another about the obama admin announcing the arrival of the 10,000th refugee in America. (Keep in mind this admin wants to bring more than 85,000 to the US)

Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies 2014 pollNO ONE in the MSM will tell you about a 2014 poll conducted on refugees where 4% of the Syrian refugees polled have a positive view of ISIS/ ISIL!

STR has posted on this twice, in Nov 2015 and again June 2016, and will do it over and over again until people start talking about it because the numbers just aren’t clicking in peoples heads!

4% of 10,000 is 400… That means 400 Syrian refugees brought into the United States of America APPROVE of and BELIEVE in ISIS. Now for the third time I will put the numbers into perspective:

19 terrorists killed 3000 people and brought down the World Trade Center while leaving the Pentagon burning
7 terrorists killed 130 people in Paris at a concert
1 terrorist killed 13 people at Ft Hood a US military base
1 terrorist killed 4 people in Tennessee at a two military installations
2 terrorists killed 14 people in San Bernardino at a Christmas party
1 terrorist killed 50 people at an Orlando gay nightclub
[these are the high profile examples, there are plenty more]

How much damage and carnage do you think 400 ISIS fighters are capable of? I know, I know 400 is just too big… fine as the last two times we’ll take 4% of 4% to make tree huggers, progressives and those living in denial happy leaving us with 16 ISIS supporters/ fighters brought into the US by the same govt who “vetted” the San Bernardino terrorist.

So we’re clear many govt agencies have stated they cannot say with 100% certainty they can vet refugees. It has nothing to do with US man power or technology, it’s because the databases and records simply DO NOT EXIST in Syria and elsewhere for the US to cross reference. FYI Syria is in a civil war they don’t have some guy sitting at a desk waiting to get a call from the US State Dept to look up the background on someone. A lot of these people are coming from areas where there is no electricity. Lastly, ISIS has made it abundantly clear they would infiltrate refugee programs to get into the west to wage jihad on all of us!


Take note, refugees are being sent to “red states”!

If the US govt didn’t fly them over then those who found other means of transportation to the west have walked right across our southern border. ISIS is here, we do not need to be flying them in. This admin and govt are acting derelict in their duties and violating their sworn oath to protect the American people.