State Dept Spox Says US Will Continue to Accept Syrian Refugees

Earlier today I posted how the media and the admin were touting the 10,000th Syrian refugee to be brought to the US. The State Dept’s John Kirby when asked today confirmed it would continue to bring refugees into the US at the “same pace” for the last couple months at approx 2000 per month! By the way exactly who is keeping an eye on these people?

Here’s why: 4% of 2000 is 8, which means this regime is potentially bringing in 8 ISIS supporters/ fighters a month! Again NO ONE in the media is talking about this. STR is the only site talking about the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies 2014 poll putting it into perspective with actual terrorist attacks to demonstrate the level of danger this administration is blatantly putting the people under, all in the name of being humane.

We are going to get hit hard on a wide scale via a low-tech style attack. Think attacks like Bataclan, San Bernardino, Orlando, Westgate Mall Kenya and Nice Fr happening all at once all over the US!