No, Hillary Clinton Did NOT Have an Involuntary Spasm or Seizure

Time to set the record straight as conspiracy theories have gotten way out of control which apparently have now led to a HuffPo writer’s articles being deleted and his termination!

#1 Did Clinton have an involuntary spasm or seizure on camera that HuffPo writer David Seaman cited in his articles questioning her health that were deleted and he was terminated over? NO
#2 Do I believe Clinton has health problems? YES

David Seaman from the Huffington Post did two articles questioning Hillary’s health that were deleted without warning and he was terminated.  I’m not surprised since the videos he used to base his argument are out of context, were conveniently edited by other parties, to push a narrative that she is on her death walk!

If you are pushing this video (or other versions) of Clinton having an alleged “seizure”, as Seaman did, as your definitive proof she has major health problems shame on you!

What happened to getting the facts and verifying vids? Here is unedited footage from a different angle…

That was no involuntary muscle spasm or seizure. Clinton was being asked multiple questions all at once and she was clearly acting silly like an ASS as if being pulled multiple directions, immediately laughing with a big smile on her face. People with real health issues who have seizures don’t do that! They end up on the ground convulsing not laughing, asking interviewers if they’ve tried chia tea!

Let’s be absolutely clear, I DO BELIEVE Hillary has health issues. The coughing is telling me and others there’s probably a thyroid problem. As for the falls there may be something there, but when she slips on ice climbing stairs where people are helping her gain her footing that’s being pushed as “see I told you so” that’s not going to cut it. OR are you one who would not help a woman (be it a stranger to your own family) who just slipped?

Clinton is not hiding from the media with her reduced schedule over health issues either.

Every day it seems Trump is shooting himself in the foot, saying something that only helps her…

Clinton is saying as little as possible, she’s on cruise control running the clock down. Why should she talk to the press and take the risk of sinking herself IF she’s asked a tough question?! Seriously, if you were ahead in the polls would you be making public appearances jeopardizing that?! I would love to see something surface to disqualify this FELON from running for POTUS. She should be in jail, but this nonsense being pushed is shameful and despicable that only discredits those pushing the narrative.

Do yourselves a favor stop listening to Alex “Jim” Jones and all his acolytes. This is the same guy who said Russia FIRED NUKES at the US on New Years 1999!

There is plenty of evidence out there to take this felon down. PLEASE STOP with the conspiracy trash and please verify videos before you go sharing them out! Once upon a time we used to verify things but now those seeking the truth have appeared to abandon that. You want to be laughed at, mocked and dismissed then by all means push the conspiracy bullshit.

STR will always tell the truth…