MSNBC’s Dyson: ‘Making America Great Again’ is ‘Code’ for ‘White Nationalism’

Both sides of the political fence have their radical wings (incl those who are racists) but leftists like Michael Eric Dyson enjoy lumping people with drastically different beliefs together. Mark my words the avg republican voters will be tied together with the alt right (white nationalists, white supremacists, antisemites etc) who support Trump. Dems already label republicans and conservatives as racists but now with this alt right movement, which none of us really heard of up until few mos ago, supporting Trump they give the democrats more ammo to use against all of us as a whole. Now on the flip side if any republicans or conservatives were to say all democrats are racists because they they believe in Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers well they would be screaming bloody murder.

By dems logic: Make America Great Again is racist but Black Lives Matter is “patriotic”