Luis Gutierrez Hijacks IRS Impeachment Hearing With Skittles Stunt to Attack Trump

Democrat socialist (closet communist) Luis Gutierrez chose to hijack the IRS hearing instead of addressing the serious matter of how the IRS was weaponized against Americans and corrupted under the leadership of John Koskinen after Lois Lerner’s exit. Gutierrez carried on making a jerk of himself as he ate Skittles to make a point about Syrian refugees, how one bad Skittle doesn’t make the whole bag bad, symbolizing not all muslims from terrorist nations should not be banned from entry in the US. This of course was a direct attack on Trump’s policy to ban muslims traveling from muslim countries until we can get a handle on things. Take note Gutierrez made no mention of Pres Carter who had similar ban!

The closet communist then asked Koskinen a “hypothetical” 😉 😉 about tax returns being disclosed and whether ones charitable activities are illegal if money is used in ones for profit business…

Both of these “analogies” were direct attacks against Donald Trump and comments his son made. This was a disgraceful display by an elected official that should have been condemned wasting time and making a mockery out of this hearing. But hey this is the Congress we have under this Banana Republic where a communist clown is allowed to grandstand and make jokes while attacking a candidate for the US presidency (whether you like him or not).