Protests in Charlotte Turn Violent Following Police Shooting

– Police cruiser has been destroyed
– 12 officers reported injured
– Tear gas and flash bangs being deployed

Once again a police involved shooting has people taking to the streets in protest. To heck with allowing the justice system do its job with the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott or Terence Crutcher in Tulsa, OK. These mobs want instant justice and don’t care about the carnage that is left in their path…

This mess is never going to end. If obama was a good president he would speak out condemning the police when its justified but more importantly speak to the American people to ask, no, tell the American people when a cop says to stop and put your hands up you do it! Don’t argue, try to negotiate or try your hand at being a street lawyer. Obey the orders given, don’t run, don’t fight, don’t make any quick moves that could get you shot! If you’re innocent fight the police in court run to the ACLU and obama DOJ they will welcome you!

Police are trained to protect themselves first. When confronting a suspect they are not trained to sit and wonder “hmm is this person going for their waistband/ pocket.. let me wait to see if they pull a weapon out to use on me”. Those of you out there with doubts, I highly recommend you take a police simulation course some cities are offering. They put you right in their shoes where split life or death decisions have to be made. The libs I’ve seen take this course have a change of heart, anyone critical of police should do the simulation.

Police are on edge just as civilians where the Black Lives Matter crowd, DOJ and the admin are not helping so police and entrepreneurs need to come up with a solution. That said on the flip side I think police should deploy tasers first in situations that have gone fatal and didn’t have to. All police should be armed with this non-lethal device too as their next resort before going lethal.

If the free market and police don’t come up with a solution and fast a federalized police force is coming that no one will like!