Sean Hannity Goes Doom and Gloom: America Lives or Dies in 39 Days

Hannity is coming unhinged the closer we get to election day. He’s picking fights with people, creating division on the right between the GOP & conservatives, constantly repeating the same talking points and now going to doom and gloom, which we all know is coming regardless who wins. Trump’s poor performance and the new polls showing Clinton leading have clearly gotten to Sean.

Sean is also not helping the country being Trump’s mouthpiece 24/7 but not saying a word about the Congressional seats up for grabs. I hope Sean and you all realize that if conservatives and republicans lose majorities in the House and Senate it’s game over. The economy is going to blow up regardless who is elected in Nov and war is on the horizon. Trump and Clinton are non issue at this point. Most Americans know who they will vote for but whichever party controls Congress will be in control of the country when we go into dark times. Now do you want progressive democrats calling the shots or conservative republicans?