Biden Attacks Trump, Wishing They Were in HS So He Could “Take Trump Behind the Gym”

Is Biden for real?! Frankly Joe I don’t think if two of you were back in High School you could take him! You seem like you were the kid who started fights with people and then ran off crying for help. Ya know the left attacks the right, esp Trump, for inciting violence but time after time they are the ones who make the threats and carry the violence out. You would think after the PVA exposé dems would learn their lesson to shut it, but no.

As for Crazy Joe’s rant, you don’t have to be a billionaire to think you’re above the law now do you?! His boss, and the DNC for that matter, routinely act above the law, thinking they can do whatever they want to the American people… They mock us, insult us, call us names, violate our rights AND financially rape us!