Bill Clinton Still Supports Obamacare After Calling It the Craziest Thing in the World

So obamacare is crazy but Bill Clinton still supports it…

But here’s the thing obamacare is also known as HillaryCare! People seem to forget obamacare is just another incarnation of the healthcare she and dems were pushing for when Billy was running the country. So of course he’ll trash it, because the ACA is NOT the end goal obama nor Hillary or the dems for that matter was ever shooting for. Single payer is the end goal, where govt will run the entire healthcare system that has worked out so well all around the world. Govt run healthcare works so well people in other countries they end up coming here for care. I personally knew a someone from Canada who said they would come to the US for certain care because it’s faster and cheaper than waiting in Canada.

Obamacare, HillaryCare whatever you want to call it is just a stepping stone, they have to trash the existing system so badly to collapse on itself so then progressives can come riding in to our rescue with a simpler better solution. It’s always about control and power with everything they do, a govt run healthcare system delivers the ultimate power over the people.