James O’Keefe Warns People ‘Are Going to Literally Revolt’ If Election is Stolen

James O’Keefe makes some great points raising concern of election dirty tricks because we know the Clinton’s act above the law and wrote the book on cheating! Voter fraud is not a myth it happens along with problems already being reported with voting machines not recording votes correctly. When asked what happens if the election is stolen O’Keefe, based on what he has witnessed, warns

“..the people will revolt. If you have 50 to 100 million people in this country who have no one to speak for them what’s going to happen to those people? I think that’s a powerful movement of people that are going to literally revolt. It’s not going to be with pitchforks, I think it’s gonna be on social.. I think it’s gonna be media” but then instantly O’Keefe reverses, “I think they’re gonna literally revolt”

Ok now can someone define what a stolen election is? We have no idea what actual numbers are for those who support Trump or Clinton. If it’s a landslide for either no one will really be able to say it’s stolen. If the race is close coming down to one or two states you can’t really say that either especially if said state leans a certain way (favored Romney or obama in 2012). Now if races in states that are red all of a sudden go blue pulling a Philadelphia 2012, where Romney got no votes anywhere, will that be cause to say stolen election?


Are people saying if Trump doesn’t win period it’s a stolen election?

Roger Stone explained the exit polling that will be used to make the determination, but most people won’t be listening or looking for that information and will go off of what they see, hear and feel. So what am I saying? There are number of people more or less saying if Trump doesn’t win they’ll revolt! This is dangerous and those in authority within the Trump campaign need to address supporters who feel this way to prevent anything from happening come Nov 9th and here’s why…

America this is important for many living in denial to hear and accept. You need to keep in mind this country made a drastic shift to the left in 2008 by electing barack obama. It then repeated that shift to the left going full steam into socialism in 2012. For all intents and purposes the country has been fundamentally transformed. Facts are facts many people who vote like their safe-spaces, political correct nonsense and most importantly free stuff, and the only party offering free stuff are the democrats, which is why we see demographics turning blue!

So be warned this country could very well elect Hillary Clinton to continue/ be barack obama’s third term!