Obama Admin Announces Obamacare Premiums to Surge on Avg 25% in 2017

Just as many of us “bigots, racists and haters” on the right warned obamacare’s premiums will continue to rise! Pelosi, Schumer and all the demoncrats, who passed this abysmal law in the middle of the night taking over the US healthcare system, but especially barack hussein obama LIED….

Obamacare of course was designed to destroy the current healthcare system and collapse on itself so whomever is in power could come riding in on their white horse with a solution:
Single Payer

Single payer is and was the end goal and has been since Bill Clinton was President when Hillary was pushing her plan. When Darth Hussein™ was campaigning in 2008 he made it clear single payer was his end goal as well.

Govt dictating how much care we will receive will produce an incredible amount of power for some of the most dangerous people walking the Earth. For all of you who pushed for 0-care, you own this nightmare and everything that comes with it… including the bodies!