War is Coming…

Here are the facts (puzzle pieces) as of today:

– The US still has troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan no thanks to obama’s poor foreign policy and decisions that created a vacuum for ISIS to rise to power.

– The US (sides with rebels) and Russia (supports Assad) are engaged in a full proxy war in Syria over “crimes being committed against humanity” during its now 5 year civil war. Tensions and rhetoric climb between both superpowers with subliminal threats being made by each sides military leaders. The United Kingdom is also engaged in military operations in Syria aligning itself with the US and France against Assad.

– Yemen rebels, backed by Iran, fired missiles at US naval ship. The US retaliated and now Iran has sent its warships to Yemen. As noted in the clip Russia and China, who are allies with Iran, already have ships in the region.

– Russia has deployed warships to the English Channel to conduct “military drills”. Is this their way of sending a message to the UK?

– Speaking of drills, Oct 4th-7th 40 million Russians conducted civil defense drills in preparation for what one could only assume of nuclear war.

– Vladimir Putin has called on all Russians living abroad to return to Russia.

Russia apparently has enough nuclear bunkers in Moscow to house 12 million. When was the last time you ever heard about the US govt having bomb shelters in DC, or any major city, for 12 million Americans? When was the last time you saw a news network run a segment on whether you know where a shelter is?

“”If it should one day happen, every one of you should know where the nearest bomb shelter is. It’s best to find out now,” according to one particularly fevered report on the Russian state-owned channel, NTV.”~ABC

[Note 10/16/16: Transcribed Russian NTV news broadcast issuing the warning that was here has been removed by YouTube!]

– Many agree/ believe Russia is responsible for a number of cyber-attacks against US govt agencies including the Pentagon as well as what we’re getting from Wikileaks on Clinton and the DNC. The cyber war that is going on as we speak is elevating where the CIA is now planning a cyber-attack against Russia. This is escalation where eventually someone is going to take a shot at the other.

– Putin himself has tried to get the message across to journalists that war is coming…

– China, whom no one is talking about for reasons unknown except for Mark Levin, is building up its military for war too!

[More available on LevinTV]

America you can put these puzzle pieces together to conclude war is coming or dismiss this all as nothing but “drink the Russian KoolAid”, as a well respected terror expert (whom I don’t want to cite just yet) put it, and posturing by the soon-to-be reconstituted Soviet Empire.

Our leaders on both sides and the corrupt media are not warning the nation of what is on the horizon. They are too busy trashing Trump while protecting Clinton. Whoever wins in November (incl Congressional races) is going to be making life and death decisions for all of us. That said choose whom you vote for wisely.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best…