CEO Refuses to do Business With Trump Supporters and GOP Voters (Video)

‘anyone that supports Trump by omission or by commission are not welcome to do business in my company.’

It’s one thing to refuse service or ban the individual you have a problem or disagree with from your business. But it’s another to issue a blanket “ban” against anyone who supports, said kind things about, is in the same politically party as said person! Now STR is on record calling for boycotts and of course issuing Tactics of this nature, like Mathew Blanchfield,, but to be clear the main targets have always been the culprits (corrupt politicians, mainstream media, special interest figures etc) not their drones. Mathew Blanchfield, the CEO of 1st SEO is saying if you supported Trump F off! Well screw you dude!

If you are a conservative doing business with this company pull the plug TODAY. Don’t make excuses find another provider and stop doing business with this guy, he doesn’t want you fine take your money elsewhere. This is the problem that has been going on for years America. The left pulls crap like this, the equivalent of spitting in your face, yet you take it and continue to fatten their wallets. Stop with all the “I’m not in favor of calling for a boycott, I’ll just shop elsewhere” nonsense. When a large number of people pull their business from a guy like this that’s a boycott! Blanchfield, should be boycotted for being such an arrogant, patronizing SOB.

Again to be absolutely clear, it’s Blanchfield’s right to not do business with Donald Trump, but to say if you supported and/or voted for him and are a registered republican he doesn’t want your business is stupid and uncalled for. How childish can people be? What happened to having differing opinions? When did we go from “I disagree with your politics, is there anything else I can get for you?” to “I disagree with your politics, your business is not welcome here and don’t come back!”?This guy is an idiot. If you’re one of the people harassing him sending nasty emails etc STOP! You want to punish him, hurt his wallet, don’t do business with him and that especially goes for those of you locally in Albuquerque, NM.

We’re just getting started folks. This is not surprising, it’s one more in a never-ending list of examples from the leftist meltdown we’ve been witnessing for 2 weeks! Yea it’s only been 2 weeks and look at the BS that’s going on!