Here’s a Simple Solution to the Refugee Problem

What do we do with all the refugees coming out of the middle east and Africa escaping ISIS and other radical muslim extremists? For an unexplained reason Arab… muslim nations, who are much better suited, won’t take in their own, so the US and Europe are being expected to take these people in. But look at all the problems that are arising from this exodus out of the middle east. These people are being put into a city/ town/ community in a host nation that doesn’t have the space or resources to care for these people. Crime sexual assault are on the rise while putting a major economic strain on wherever these refugees have been relocated. The refugees are not among their own kind and let’s be honest they are refusing to assimilate.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could be sent somewhere that is isolated from the host nations population, where refugees could settle until their land is retaken and they can return? Wouldn’t it be great if there was housing, business structures etc already built that refugees could move into? Wouldn’t it be great for an emerging nation to really take its place in this world that has a “booming economy and infrastructure” who also has more billionaires than the US!?

Ya know such a place exists right!?

What are we talking about here??



The Chinese want to be a world leader, well to put all the fears to rest especially when it comes to humanitarian issues, then they should take in all these refugees! The Chinese have G H O S T   C I T I E S  aka plenty of room and living space available right now. This would be the ultimate bluff to be called on world leaders and the UN to push for.


Look at those pics, you can probably put all the refugees in one ghost city! Refugees would be among their own, there would be no concern of non-assimilation within a city/ town/ community like they’re doing right now in a host nation. Host nations are being forced to support these people as it is, so why not get China on board because they have the space? In exchange for hosting refugees China could be on the receiving end of financial aid host nations are ALREADY shelling out; let’s be honest it’s money China could really use…

The Chinese have a money problem with this housing boom they experienced resulting in ghost cities. They have the space, host nations forced to take in refugees “have the money”, so why not kill two birds with one stone? The Chinese should “rent out” these cities to the world body to house the refugees on a TEMPORARY BASIS. And WE KNOW the refugees would be isolated from the Chinese population. I would be in full support of China taking any measure it wishes to keep these people isolated from the Chinese people. (Don’t even try that interment camp bullshit either) The refugees would only be in China until ISIS and radical islamists are driven out of wherever these people escaped from. All the aid organizations already involved could combine their efforts in one location. No more tent cities all over the host nations, no more forcing hotel owners to take in refugees, no more clashes of culture and no more crime or people washing themselves in the middle of Rome!

There is no logical argument against this if it’s planned and handled properly. Since rich middle eastern countries for whatever reason can’t take in their own they should be the ones to foot at least 50% of the bill to China. If they don’t then maybe we should load up the planes and just drop them off at the Saudis and co’s front door!

Okay, now lets hear all the excuses why not?