Retiring Rep Charlie Rangel Pushes House Bill to Abolish the Electoral College (Video)

Just as retiring Sen Barbara Boxer introduced a bill to abolish the Electoral College in the Senate, fellow progressive, tax dodger, race hustler and retiring Charlie Rangel has done so in the House. What a coincidence, progressives on their way out are trying to set one last fire on the Constitution!

Aside from his ignorance and outright violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution, Rangel wants the country to believe this bill would have been introduced if Hillary ROTTEN Clinton had won the presidency! If anyone believes that I have some land I’d like to sell you. Rangel, like Boxer, believes the Electoral College is outdated (from that old dusty Constitution) and “one man one vote”. He has admitted he is in fact in favor of mob rule where 6 states would decide the next president.