CNN Guest Says Trump’s ‘Drain the Swamp’ Rhetoric Appeals to Racists (Video)

More amusement from the on-going leftist meltdown. Let’s just declare as of today everything Trump says is racist, bigoted or misogynistic in nature. This snowflake Ryan Lenz, from the Southern Poverty Law Center, says when ‘Drain the Swamp’ is used it’s code language, ‘wink, wink, nod, nod,’ to white supremacists! Curious, snowflake did it appeal to white supremacists when Pelosi said it?

Yea this old clip from way back in 2007 is probably why the CNN goon countered Lenz. We’ll have to give the SPLC nutjob points on creativity but zero for originality. By the way who made this radical leftist organization the final say on matters?

You liberal progressive scumbags really have nothing left do you? Go ahead keep pushing the labels, it’s worked out so well for you over the last few elections hasn’t it! As a matter of fact leftists do everything you can to keep Pelosi as Minority Leader, make Keith Ellison the DNC chair and destroy more towns and cities with your tantrums. Drive that bi-coastal party right into the ground.. PLEASE!