Fmr Sanders Press Sec: ‘We Don’t Need White People Leading Democratic Party’ (Video)

Could you imagine the outrage from the left if a republican strategist/ fmr press secretary for a presidential candidate had said “we don’t need black people leading the republican party”!? The left would be screaming bloody murder on every single network and burning down the web. But because we live in this double standard world everyone is silent, afraid to hammer away at Symone Sanders for saying this about white people.

You go right ahead Symone get your CAIR Muslim Brotherhood operative Keith Ellison into the chairmanship for the DNC. We want him there so the whole world can see the true face of the racist anti-American, pro-radical islam democratic party.

The American people really tired of the racism coming from the left and how they are permitted to get away with murder. Watch the clip again as the CNN host and guest just sit there like “uh huh, yea your right”. They’re scared to death to say anything to Sanders, most likely in fear of being called racists.

Ya know what dems, the game is over you can’t have it both ways anymore. You haven’t learned your lesson yet, but you will. Go ahead keep pushing the lies, division, hate and outright racism there are still some House & Senate seats we need to grab and few more state legislatures. Your days of pulling the race card/ being outright racist are over. We’re going to call you all out and make you own your words.