CO College Professors Teach Students Founding Fathers Were ‘A Terrorist Organization’ (Listen)

Grab some duct tape to wrap around your head before you listen to this! This kind of anti-American garbage taught at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, by Professors Jared Benson and Nicholas Lee is what is at the heart of tearing this country apart from within. The poison these professors are teaching about the Founding Fathers, Constitution and other great Americans isn’t limited to just UCCS, we hear reports all the time of similar instruction all over the nation.

Progressives, aka communists, have almost complete control over the media, entertainment and education system so as to influence our culture and re-teach history as they see it. What better way to destroy the memory of the Founders than to compare them to terrorists! Or to suggest ‘Gorbachev – not Ronald Reagan — who brought down the collapse of the Soviet Union’. Or to suggest the Black Panthers are not a violent organization vs the Police. Is this what you want your kids to learn from these communists?

These prog educators know ramming the progressive agenda down Americas throat doesn’t work. They do know to slip it in subtly, under the radar to our youth is far more effective and it is working.

Trump’s win, stopping Hillary Clinton who considered herself like early 20 c progressive, is only a bump in the road to progressives 100+ year plan to destroy this country. These brainwashers think once they bring it down they’ll be able to rebuild it under their false dream of a socialist utopia. As long as progs control the media, entertainment and the education system this country is not safe from these enemies within.

America one of the biggest lies ever purported on us is the need for a college education. WHY? Because the “they” said we had to have it to get ahead. Isn’t it odd that the “they” who say we must go to college are also the ones who control academia, have strong grip on policy including the institutions who loan out the money for school! They suck you in with their lies, brainwash you for 4 years while you are buried in debt. You get out into the real world unable to get a job with that degree they said you had to have and college debt you’re incapable of paying back. Then to your surprise what do we have but progressive politicians saying give me the power I’ll make it all go away!!! Do you see it now? It’s all part of a cleverly constructed system of control.

That need for a degree is a lie, countless Americans have made it without a college degree. In this day and age with so much information freely available you don’t need to go to college. IF you want to be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, scientist etc that truly requires higher learning then by all means YES go to college! But if you want to run your own business or get into a career that doesn’t require a degree save yourself the $25-50++K per year in tuition and instead use that money to start that business for your kid(s) or yourself. Otherwise you’re sending your kids to a liberal indoctrination camp who will leave home believing in Red White and Blue (Stars and Stripes) only to return believing in Red and Yellow (Sickle and Hammer)!

ht CollegeFix