Pentagon Wants Overpaid Guardsmen to Apply to Get Bonuses Back

Let me understand this right, the govt/ Pentagon offered bonuses to CA military service members to re-enlist. Then 10 years later started telling troops to pay it back, mind you said bonuses are $15,000 or more which broke guardsmen to pay back or is coming out of their paycheck! Now that the brakes have been put on this screw-up the same govt is now asking all those veterans to apply to get the money THEY EARNED back!? This defines complete and total incompetence. How is it this govt has the necessary resources to take money but not to give it back as Issa points out? It’s the same thing just in reverse!

This is the same govt that at least half this country wants to grant more power to by electing hardcore progressives, including Hillary Clinton, to office! Does anyone want to make bets how difficult it will be for our servicemen/women to get their money back after applying? Does anyone believe this process to reapply, to get what is theirs back, will go smoothly?