California Professor Compares Trump Supporters to Terrorists (Watch)

Here we have yet another example proving colleges and universities are nothing but anti-American liberal indoctrination camps. Orange Coast College Social Science professor, Olga Perez Stable Cox, like all liberals is suffering from the never-ending election meltdown. She took it upon herself to call Trump a ‘white supremacist’ and his win an ‘act of terrorism’ committed by you the American people aka domestic terrorists. Now what does any of this have to do with the class shes teaching on human sexuality?

One could understand if she was teaching a sociology class and the effects the election has on people interacting with each other etc etc, but calling the Pres-Elect a ‘white supremacist’,comparing his supporters to terrorists and sexuality?? No. This was her opportunity, holding a position of power, to push her political beliefs on the class.

Cox is PAID by these students to teach, not indoctrinate and grandstand on her tenured protected soapbox. This needs to be made clear to everyone and the tables turned on these “institutions”. People are paying 10’s of thousands of dollars to be educated. The staff and faculty are EMPLOYEES of the student body. When we go to these places we sign all kinds of paperwork, contracts, and somewhere in all that paperwork is language that is buried and ignored possibly making this relationship clear. FIND IT, USE IT, to shut these people up!

She is right about one thing, the nation is divided. The US is divided because of the offensive, divisive rhetoric coming out of her and her colleagues mouths coast-to-coast! It’s been a month and you liberals out there still don’t get it!
THIS IS WHY YOU LOST and will continue to lose. So go ahead be that bi-coastal party… you’re an endangered species.  Oh and professor you are NOT the majority, nor will your ilk change the Constitution to eliminate the Electoral College.

The PC shit isn’t going to work anymore, neither is the “poor me I was recorded and its against the rules”. NO ONE CARES BECAUSE THE TRUTH MATTERS! And if it takes breaking the rules to expose you bastards it’s going to continue. If you don’t know the school union fired back whining:

‘It is unfortunate, as well as disappointing, that some students in our college community choose to behave in a manner that undermines our long, American traditions of academic freedom and open classroom discussion. Further, such behavior, like secret classroom recordings, violate the professor’s course syllabus, the Coast Community College District Code of Student Conduct, and the California Educational Code, section 78907, which exist to provide a robust, learning environment for all students irrespective of their opinions.

Yea whatever, the Coast Federation of Educators/ Orange Coast College is just pissed because they have been exposed to be as twisted as all the other liberal indoctrination camps across the US.