MSNBC Host Admits Spreading Fake News About Fox News (Watch)

Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. The radical alt-left media are the ones creating fake news they try to pin on republicans, TEA Party activists and conservatives. They’re so desperate to trash Trump and Fox with the smallest, even dumbest of stories thinking they will get away with the lies they spew. As always it doesn’t work where dolts like this Stephanie Ruhle has to apologize.

Hillary deserved to LOSE the election, it’s OVER, Trump is President. Grow up, start reporting actual news, instead of hit pieces. One would think you jerks learned your lesson but you haven’t, and you’re exactly what Denzel Washington said about you.

You have to be first with the story, true or not, while trying to create some kind of controversy. Maybe the FCC under the new admin will have to take a deep look at what MSNBC, CNN and the rest of the fake news networks are doing?!!