Churches Vow to Offer Sanctuary to Illegal Immigrants (Watch)


Illegal aliens are taking refuge (taking advantage) in churches to avoid deportation. Well that’s fine, these churches vowing to offer sanctuary to illegals probably cannot be forced to hand them over under the same rules as sanctuary cities…

However, breaking federal law by aiding, abetting and harboring illegal aliens is a crime punishable with fines and jail time. If the incoming Attorney General doesn’t want to go this route then maybe the new admin will have the IRS pull their tax exempt status over this and any other church violating federal law.

Actions have consequences.

This is country of laws, we cannot reward bad behavior or make exceptions when the charity of churches is abused. While you feel for the woman in this clip, fact remains she broke the law and more importantly she has clearly made no attempt to assimilate to American culture, otherwise she would at least be speaking English! Parishioners can be sure their place of worship will be overwhelmed once this new tactic of illegals goes mainstream. Those who have a problem with illegal aliens who attend these churches might want to think twice when the collection plate/ basket comes around.

  • Gary Knapp

    We now are seeing how deep the penetration of global socialism is in all areas of our country. I was beginning to accept that illegals who are otherwise law abiding should be allowed to stay. I’m going to wait and see how the new administration handles this defiance of American immigration laws, but this angers me.

  • Lisa Askwit

    That’s fine, but then, these Churches must be held accountable for any criminal activities these Illegals commit. They can be sued for any damages, or deaths committed by these illegals in their care.