Cavuto Battles CA Elector Christine Pelosi Over Alleged Russian Interference in Election (Watch)

Cavuto got into a heated battle with CA elector Christine Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, over the fake news that Russia interfered with the election handing it to Trump. She and other electors are demanding access to a CIA report on Russian hacking before the Electoral College meets to vote for POTUS Dec 19th. To date there is no evidence proving the DNC being hacked flipped the election for Trump. Let’s assume they in fact have done all the hacking claimed. If you weren’t on Facebook or twitter you barely heard about any of this as the major networks did everything possible to PROTECT Hillary Clinton! True or not Russia hacking the DNC had little influence on the election. The fact Clinton was the WORST candidate, possibly the most corrupt in US history continues to be ignored by all parties on the left melting down.

When the younger Pelosi was asked the direct question as to “what do you want electors to do with that information”, she refused to answer. Instead she stated she needed to see it before she could comment on it! Where have we heard this line of bs before!? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, she is just like her mother. No one seems to be paying attention to the next generation of progressives coming up who will be far worse than the current ones in power!

What you have here folks is a soft coup d’etat by democrats to undermine the will of the American voters and have electors change their votes to hold onto power. They have been melting down for over a month looking for any angle to get Clinton into the White House.

Word to the wise democrats. If… IF by some act of God you are actually able to turn the election over at the Electoral College you do understand there would literally be blood in the streets!? No one is making a threat here or anything of the like… the American people would be so enraged that you elitists overthrew them there would be violence coast-to-coast! So by all means if you want to start a civil war go for it! Just understand it will be open season on you!

Again STR IS NOT threatening anyone, just making a clear observation based on the current atmosphere of the American people. Trumps election is proof the people have had it with elites on BOTH sides.