Actor James Cromwell Calls America a “Racist & Militaristic Country” (Watch)

Ya know I liked Cromwell’s work in movies but this thing with Hollywood trashing this country has to stop. Something has got to be done to put these people, these professional liars, in their place. This guy claims the civil rights movement was lost(?!) and is a proud hardcore revolutionary who worked with the Black Panthers. Now he is calling the US a racist, militaristic nation in this climate change revolution rant!

Climate change is total nonsense, it’s called the weather! The Earth has experienced very hot and cold times in its existence. When this dolt and all of Hollywood idiots who agree with him can explain the global warming that melted all the ice from the last ice age maybe I’ll give him a minute or two.

It’s getting really old with radical progressive celebs trashing the country they have benefited from. The US is sooooo racist it elected a black man into the White House TWICE! It’s so racist countless black athletes, entertainers and entrepreneurs are wealthier beyond their imagination, some billionaires and self-made! It’s soooo racist many blacks have risen to positions of power and authority. STOP IT, KNOCK IT OFF!

If you don’t like it here GET OUT! If you’re so upset with this nation you should leave today. Stop making excuses, playing games, speaking at rallies, making silly commercials demonstrating how clueless and uneducated you are, just leave.

Cromwell along with all the anti-American Hollywood dolts need to face a fierce boycott on any movie, product and/ or organization they represent. We need to put the squeeze on whomever has a deal with them, cut off the money supply they’ll get the message.