Dem Senator Wants Trump to Seize on His Unpredictability Intro Gun Control to End Gun Violence (Watch)

The assault on our Second Amendment rights will never end regardless of who is in the White House. Sen Blumenthal says Trump is hardly committed to gun control, like this current admin and Congress, but is hopeful he will seize on his unpredictability to end gun violence.

Well of course Trump is hardly committed to gun control! He wants Americans to have the ability to defend themselves unlike progressives like Blumenthal and the entire democrat party who leave us at the mercy of criminals and terrorists! They write law after law that is ignored by criminals and terrorists, who can’t even read English, that punishes and locks-up law abiding Americans. Progs have created lawless zones, you know them as gun free zones, which are in reality free killing zones and are never held responsible for the carnage they created.

This nut continues to push lies wanting background checks on all gun sales, when THERE ALREADY ARE! Wants to ban sales to terrorists? What the hell is he talking about? Oh wait he’s talking about people who have unjustly, without due process, been put on terror watch lists. Yeah that won’t fly because dems will put everyone on watch list! And finally he wants to hold manufactures liable! What kind of pure insanity is this? Hey DICK, I mean Rich, you can have that law right after you push to hold knife, baseball bat, electrical cords, tools, silverware, automobiles, toys, etc etc pretty much manufacturers of everything liable. The FBI can supply all the data you need of objects besides firearms used to kill people!

I’m sure Trump wants to see an end to gun violence, like all of us, but not via the democrat/ progressive solution – disarmament. The majority of criminals attack those who they know are defenseless. You never hear about a shooting at a gun store, show or range, or anywhere peoples 2A rights haven’t been infringed! We only hear about these acts of violence in free killing zones and states that are anti-2A.

SHAME on you Senator for dancing on the graves of the dead to advance your anti-2A agenda. Keep wishing, there’s no way in hell Trump will take any action that will leave Americans defenseless.

Progs could ban all the guns today, and tomorrow Chicago, Detroit and all the other democrat created war zones in America will continue to rack up a bodycount through gun violence. The black market for guns coming across the border will skyrocket, border wall or not!

These people are evil, they don’t care about any of us. Their desire for “gun control” is really a goal for a total gun ban and people control. They will have the guns to do as they please, while we’re left to the slaughter! This is YOUR FAULT America for leaving pieces of garbage anti-American, anti-Constitution politicians in power.

Arming people, allowing them to defend themselves, meet fire with fire will hopefully be Trump’s legacy with regards to gun control/ violence!