DHS Chief: ‘No Evidence’ Hacking Altered Election Ballot Count (Watch)

“We did not see anything that amounted to altering ballot counts or degrading the ability to report election results, nothing out of the ordinary.”

Fake news that the Russians interfered with the election should be put to rest at this point, especially when the DHS Chief is saying there’s “no evidence”! After a few recounts Trump has in fact picked up more votes. Hillary lost because she was an absolute horrible candidate, possibly the most corrupt politician to ever run for president. She and the DNC hacked emails were ignored by the fake news media. Unless voters were glued to Twitter and Facebook it was presented like conspiracy. The left is giving far too much credit to make another excuse for Hillary’s loss and more importantly delegitimize Trump’s administration.

Where were the democrats throwing a fit now when all govt agencies were being hacked since 2012?

Why do they care now, wanting independent investigations, but didn’t prior to election day?

Clinton IGNORED the flyover states of the US, relying on progressive run states like NY and CA to hand her the election. Her arrogance and IGNORANCE over the avg voter is why she lost, and frankly this election shows exactly why we have and need the Electoral College!