Illegal Immigrants Coached to Use ‘Magic Words’ for Asylum in US (Video)

Illegal aliens entering the US We’ve heard this story before about illegal aliens using ‘magic words’ when captured by Border Patrol agents, and in some cases they seek out the agents. The border is being flooded at a high rate now as the obama regime days are numbered. The question that needs to be asked is who told the illegals what ‘magic words’ to use?! Let’s take it a step further, who told the coyotes and human traffickers what the people they are moving should say when apprehended!? I have no proof, but I have no doubt the source is within the obama admin!

A poor economy and gang violence that makes one say “I’m afraid to return home” isn’t enough for credible fear. We have just as many problems with our economy, violence, drug problems etc in the US; Chicago is a full on war zone but no one is seeking refuge out of the US. A Christian from the middle east has a legit claim seeking asylum. Someone coming from Mexico, Central & South America, Haiti etc should be denied. Sorry, if that sounds harsh but the US has enough problems with 100 Mil out of work, poverty at record levels, veterans not getting the care they need and so on.

What this is really about is illegals getting their foot in the door. As Stephen Dinan reports many won’t be granted asylum, but then they’ve already been in the US for a few years and we know they won’t be deported, or they will just disappear. This is one hell of a mess obama is leaving for Trump. He must stick to his guns and ship these people out.