Rep John Conyers: ‘The Electoral College is Rooted in Slavery’ (Video)

Progressives are never going to stop with their attacks on the Constitution, which they totally despise. We’re almost a month out since election day and their meltdown shows no sign of letting up or ending. Leave it to RACIST John Conyers to pull the race card on the purpose of the Electoral College. Please Mr Conyers, cite where in the Federalist Papers this root to slavery is laid out? Or are we to accept some liberal Yale professors interpretation of why he thinks the EC was created?

It makes total sense for a hardcore progressive to go this route because Conyers knows all you have to do is label someone / thing racist to get the wheels of the machine moving quickly to be removed. No!? Look how fast the Confederate Flag was removed, while liberals behind the scenes continue to rewrite history. 

This of course is total nonsense, the Founders, as Mark Levin explained, set up the EC to stop the threat of mob rule, centralized tyranny and to give people all over the country a voice.

Again we are one month out from the election and you stupid idiot democrats JUST DON’T GET, NOT BECAUSE YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY BUT BECAUSE YOU CHOOSE NOT TO! So please continue the division, using the race card at every opportunity, electing all the same people into power.