House Dems Call on Obama to ‘Pardon’ DREAMers Before Trump’s Inauguration (Video)


For one to be granted a pardon it means they would have to do something wrong that could lead to criminal charges and/ or conviction. As we learned with Pres Ford pardoning Nixon, the outgoing President wasn’t charged, let alone convicted, of a crime but Pres Ford went ahead and pardoned him anyway because Nixon’s hands were dirty. That said, just so we’re clear House dems, by all of you calling for this act of insanity to pardon approx 3m DREAMers, you’re admitting DREAMers are in fact illegal aliens! That would mean they have in fact broken US law for unlawful, illegal entry. Weren’t you all saying they are not illegal aliens and have done nothing wrong!? Haven’t you all been saying they are undocumented American citizens!? Now you change the tune asking your messiah to save your bi-coastal party.

First off you are a bunch of deplorables to agree with Rep Vargas comparing this request for a pardon to the Christmas season of giving where obama can act like an angel helping DREAMers.

Second, you people aren’t too smart because it’s clear you just need an influx of new democrat voters to push your mob rule at state levels to win the next election after getting your asses handed to you!

This past election hasn’t changed anything, democrats are more vicious and prepared to break or bend every rule they can. If they get their way they will want obama to issue blanket pardons for every criminal, illegal alien and corrupt politician [Hillary]. There is far too much power ceded to the Oval Office for either party to act and carry on as we’ve seen over the last couple years. We should not be hoping and praying for our sides candidate to get elected to stop what the other side has done. The pendulum swings both ways kids, every swing gets worse.

The American people need to reel in the power from the elitists in DC, we must have a Convention of the States to get these monsters under control.