Obama: No Attacks on US Soil By ‘Foreign Terrorist Organization’ in 8 years (Video)

Heh, while that may be true, in what is supposedly obama’s final foreign policy speech, he seems to forget all the attacks we’ve had since 9/11, most under his watch!

It’s completely disingenuous to take this victory lap and frankly it’s disrespectful to those who have fallen victim to domestic terrorism by enemies acting out/ inspired by “foreign terrorist organization’s”. So because the body count wasn’t in the hundreds or thousands by the hands of card carrying [myth] ISIS fighters they don’t count as attacks by foreign organizations on the homeland!? Domestic terrorists attacking US citizens in the name of al Qaeda or ISIS IMO is an act of terrorism by a foreign terrorist organization whether this clown wants to admit it or not. There should be no difference between those here attacking us vs those who want to come here to attack us. They are all driven by the same ideology of submission to a radical religion, seeking world dominance.

Here are just a few of the many terrorist attacks in the US his majesty ignored in this speech, under his watch:

Little Rock Military Recruiting Ctr Shooting 1 dead
Fort Hood Mass Shooting 13 dead
Boston Marathon Bombing 3 dead
Vaughn Foods in Oklahoma 1 dead (beheaded)
Chattanooga Military Recruitment Ctr Shooting 4 dead
San Bernardino Attack 14 dead
Orlando Nightclub Shooting 49 dead
and just last week, Ohio State University 10 wounded

Jan 20th 2017 cannot come soon enough, but IMO this SOB is not going off into the sunset. He and his family are setting up camp in DC and he will be running his mouth freely. Also there is nothing saying a former POTUS cannot be UN Secretary General!