Tucker Carlson Grills Clueless Socialist Student Planning Anti-Trump Inauguration Protest (Watch)

This kid, as Tucker demonstrates, has no clue what he is talking about. That is typical though of what the college and university system is producing, a never-ending supply of whining babies, indoctrinated by 60’s radicals, who rolled around in the mud!

This child represents “Socialist Students” (? whatever the hell that is?) and the 99% says all the little commies are planning to protest Trump’s presidency on inauguration day “to send him a message” they reject his agenda! Ooooh scary! The man hasn’t even been sworn in, yet they claim he is oppressive towards women, will deport millions of immigrants… ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, FORCE a muslim registry and advance a corporate agenda.
#1 Trump’s “treatment” towards women is here say, what happened to all those lawsuits being threatened by all those women before the election?! Yea exactly. Do unborn women not have a right to choose what happens to their bodies? Hey thanks kid for letting everyone know you’re in favor of KILLING unborn babies and selling their body parts off!
#2 With regards to immigration, it’s called enforcing the laws on the books. Why isn’t this baby whining about obama deporting 3 mil illegal aliens, through the already existing deportation force aka ICE?!
#3 POTUS has legal authority to deny travel by certain class of aliens under US Code. We have every right to know who is here and from where, again this is all part of the immigration law. So this whining over registration of muslim immigrants is bunk.
#4 Corporate agenda? Child, show me a poor man who has created jobs? The obama economic model of govt subsidies and handouts will not work. What will you and the 99% do when you run out of everyone else’s money? We need someone who is business friendly in the WH. FTR I made this argument for Romney back in 2012. Rather have a CEO of large company as POTUS than some do-nothing politician.

Go ahead walk out of class, maybe those who want to learn something actually will without you dopes hijacking classes over how upset you all are, needing to talk about it!