13 People Shot at Ft Lauderdale Intl Airport

A cold-blooded killer traveling on an Air Canada Delta flight into Ft Lauderdale Intl Airport opened fired on dozens of people waiting at baggage claim leaving 5 dead and 8 wounded.

The killer, Esteban Santiago 26 who was captured alive, checked his handgun and ammunition with his luggage from where his flight departed (origin unconfirmed, poss Anchorage) and then retrieved them from his bag, went into the bathroom to load the gun when he arrived.

– Eyewitness told Foxnews the killer shot people in the head
– Reports of second shooter in Terminal 1/ garage are false
– SWAT sweeping entire airport
– Killer was on the FBI’s radar but they did not consider him a threat
– No official indication this was an act of terrorism, but anytime something like this occurs it is whether religious or political zealots were involved or not.