CNN Guest Goes Nuts, Compares White America and Police to ISIS

Michael Eric Dyson, like Marc Lamont Hill(both professors!) and Jehmu Greene, is just another in a long list of people who cannot restrain his detest nor the racism seething through him.

People don’t like obama because of his policies. The color of his skin is irrelevant and he pissed away a golden opportunity to bring people together instead choosing to divide. Obama in fact opened the door for the Dyson’s and Hill’s to deliver the most offensive rants possible and are given a pass because of the color of their skin too!

Thanks to obama, a racist like Dyson can condemn America and the police comparing them to ISIS. Could you imagine if a white man said the flip side to this? Liberals would be rioting in the streets, burning cities down!

Oh and Mikey, for the record Hillary started the birther movement, not that anyone would expect a radical liberal racist like yourself to tell the truth.