Dem Rep Wants to Pass Resolution Condemning Pres Trump’s Attacks on the Media

Rep Jerry Nadler doing his part in the ongoing leftist meltdown appeared on fake news CNN saying he would like to see Congress pass a resolution to condemn Pres Trump for calling the media out. Sorry to burst your bubble Jerry, but just as you, and the communist party, enjoy invoking the First Amendment to attack the President, he is also entitled to invoke his 1A rights.

Here’s a thought, maybe the media should stop being the propaganda arm for the democrat party and they wouldn’t be under attack! Maybe they should start reporting actual news, like how the economy is still going to blow up in everyone’s faces vs this pissing match they’re having with Trump. Maybe they should actually start investigating things instead of rushing a “story” out in the name of clicks, hits and ratings! Maybe they should look in the mirror realizing they are HATED by Americans for lying and attacking like they do. Sorry Jerry but the press is the enemy of the people with the bs they’re doing. It’s not Stalinist, fascist or whatever label you try to pin on the right. Its the truth, The Fourth Estate is the Fifth Column!

All you snowflakes out there better nut up, there is nothing you can do to change public opinion or stop Trump. You have no idea who you are messing with