Rush Warns ‘Deep State’: “You’re Not Dealing With Who You Think You’re Dealing With”

Rush Limbaugh warned the democrat party will never come to an agreement or compromise with the Trump administration, that “we’re not that far off from civil war”! With all the nonsense going on over Gen Flynn and this witch hunt the left is mounting against him, Trump and others, Rush has more or less doubled down on that warning.

The left wrote the book on bullying and they are getting more vicious and violent by the week. The group Anonymous is trying to mount a massive protest and occupation of Pennsylvania Ave March 1st if the President doesn’t resign by Feb 28th!

There is also a clear concerted effort by the media, the deep state/ shadow govt, obama and the democrat party to sabotage Donald Trump’s presidency.

None of these people seem to be heeding the warning that approximately 63 million Americans approve of this administration and do not care about how badly the lefts feelings have been hurt since Hillary lost. The right is being pushed around, bullied for years, the day is coming when they will push back. As Rush warns, this deep state/ shadow govt and your all around garden variety leftists don’t seem to understand who they are dealing with. So let me help those living in denial out:

During the last 8 years of progressivism and fundamental transformation being rammed down the nations throat, over 100,000,000 guns were sold. 

Leftists need think twice about what they’re wishing for…

Limbaugh is not the only one who is growing concerned about the state of discourse and division in the US. Several people from different walks of life are all saying the same thing. These people will be named at another time, as STR is collecting them, but so far there are 5 people warning trouble is coming based on what they’ve seen coming from the left.