Rush: We’re Not That Far From a Civil War!

Finally someone is saying it! Others have hinted but Rush is the one saying what many of us sitting on the sidelines, students of history, are really seeing. Right now it’s clear we’re in a political civil war, some may disagree but what else would you call this? We have people being assaulted because they wear a “Make America Great Again Hat”! We have people taking to the streets destroying property and lighting fires because they don’t like who won the election!

Leftists have been protesting Trump really since last summer, then amped things up Nov 9th and haven’t stopped since. As they protest it’s business as usual from the admin who is not bending to any of their threats or “blockades”. That means the protests aren’t working. How long do you think these people will continue to do the same thing over and over again (because they ARE insane) until they take it to another level. As stupid as they are they have some smart minds among them who are plotting what to do next that will cause change. Again what these people are doing fits the FBI’s definition of domestic terrorism.

The left is extremely dangerous and violent when they don’t get their way. They have become completely unhinged over the last 2.5-3 months, do you think they’ll just stop? Did you see what they did to Sec DeVos today? This isn’t hyperbole, it’s fact, we have video proof where the majority of their protests turn violent.The democrats party has zero intentions of calling things down on the streets let alone working with the other side. Dems want to win no matter what, no matter what the cost. Like Rush says there will be no agreements or compromise, these people want it all or nothing. Look at them now, they take to a bullhorn influence and amp up their minions on the streets. You never see democrats condemning what their soldiers are doing, in fact many times obama and dem leaders encouraged resistance.

When these people don’t get their way, when the free stuff is cut off, how do you think, as Rush asks, this will “get resolved”??
Shit Will Hit The Fan, bank on it!