Whistleblower: Venezuelan Govt is Issuing Official Passports to Anyone Willing to Pay in Iraq, Even to Terrorists!

Please make the time to watch this video. Do Not comment if you choose not to watch it!

CNN: “You think Venezuela is offering free travel passes to potential terrorists?”
Lopez: “I have found link to three things: laundering money, trafficking drugs and terrorism.”

This is a disturbing.. an alarming story and all the more reason why Pres Trump is taking action to protect the US that liberals and democrats are trying to stop. Do you think those acquiring Venezuelan passports and visas are just going to travel to Europe? Do you think the people getting these documents have something to hide? These are bad people looking to do bad things to all of us!

There is nothing to stop terrorists traveling from the middle east to Europe, Africa and then Venezuela (South America). If you recall Iran’s former president Ahmadinejad was pals with Hugo Chavez, so there is an established relationship between these two nations, where jihadists don’t have to travel between other nations before getting to Venezuela. Once there, terrorists acquire any other documents they need to start their travel north to the USA!

Now a companion piece to this story is from 2015 about ISIS fighters using fake ID’s to get into Europe. They have the materials, machines etc to produce any form of ID they need to infiltrate the west. Between these stories terrorists are actively and “safely” traveling to the west to laying low as they wait to launch attacks against Europe and America. They are here, they are living among us and preparing for that day they get the green light to attack.

Knowing all this why does the left continue to resist Pres Trump’s efforts to protect America? Were you aware following news of the 9th Circuit Court decision against his travel ban Exec Order the media more or less was celebrating as they “reported” it! This country is in grave danger no thanks to barack obama’s failed administration that liberals are trying everything possible to preserve.

We are going to get hit again whether you want to hear it or not. Those standing in the way of national security will have blood on their hands. The left will not be able to shift the blame to anyone. Anyone who stands against Trump and his desire to keep this country safe is an enemy of the Republic and will be treated as such!